6. Queueing application platform
Introduction: In the calculation model, for example, the issue of 20 gaps to harvest 1 yuan successfully stopped 10 times to pay 1 yuan, may be extended to, for example, charging, refueling. All queuing classes have applications Possible, such as parking spaces.Increase the pre-setting function. Add features, fix statement chats, select chats for questions and answers.

Main Design
Sliding bottom>
click more> help list
click publish give help> click wrench button> click save button return to "help list"
click publish need help> click wrench button and click pop ask form return to "help list"
click message>
click money-> when click Recharge button show when click Withdrawals button show
click publish> click add button>
click money from ad> click arrow> click arrow>
click setting->

to be continue