1. R-I-A.TOP
introduction:publishes trades on online futures and transfers them to core business information platforms.r-i-a.top
Synchronized with the local government policy.
Reference:r-i-a.top About Number 1

2. Item Management Platform
introduction: Positioning with embedded microchips, recording service data providing platform, such as gun embedded microchips, chemical packaging or internal floating microchips.
Added functionality: public smart devices, open search functions,Support SMS. such as: location,function,dynamic parameter,owner,owner country,time and so on.
Added functionality: Click, Record, Around Device Tips.send email(14.) to address. open api.
Added functionality: Ratings, permissions open. Can accept instructions,(Non-public areas)
Added functionality: National zones, international zones, rotating presidencies and 5 permanent members (2 years) are shielded from the international zone.
Added functionality: Support regional policies with equipment management laws, such as filing of items
Reference:About Number 2

3. Wages Futures Investment Platform
Introduction: An investment platform that publishes expected floating wages as the subject of the transaction, such as: Players in the football publish investment information based on team performance and player salaries, or in proportion to the transfer ratio.Investment.

4. Authorize the trading platform.
Introduction: It can be published on the platform as digital copyright, and the purchaser can purchase, or transfer. For example: windows copyright. Another example is video. Right to store the certificate of the current copyright.information.Does not store any media files, providing user authorization query interface.
Added functionality:Registered by company, grading deposit, banned deposit,no grading 70%, The principle of location, can be trusted Grading.

5. New Life Financial Management Company
Introduction: Pre-existing management of parenting costs for parents, relatives and newlyweds. Examples of use: Brain science, gene technology.

6. Queueing application platform
Introduction: In the calculation model, for example, the issue of 20 gaps to harvest 1 yuan successfully stopped 10 times to pay 1 yuan, may be extended to, for example, charging, refueling. All queuing classes have applications Possible, such as parking spaces.Increase the pre-setting function. Add features, fix statement chats, select chats for questions and answers.Passive recruitment platform, this platform is a form of chat, and then others ask questions. May not be suitable for you, but suitable for others.
Reference:About Number 6

7. Pre-order platform
Introduction: Equivalent to two modes, 1 popular type, prepaid, notify all affiliated manufacturers, in the case of not knowing what style, all custom sizes for them. To the new you have Size. This may change, for example, pre-paid may change to purchase cost if you don't want to return part of it to other franchisees. 2. High-end type, priced by designer,Published time is predominant, prepaid, informs all the Affiliate Designers of your size. He customizes the same size after the design is completed. This can be for short-period high-end consumables. perfume, jewelry... Customized, recommended. Non-sensitive information that you are willing to share is shared with all production units, such as size.

8. International Debt Trading Platform
Introduction: Allowing the issuance of regional international debt in the name of a region.
(1).Regional and organization debt issuance of sovereignty to sign a memorandum of understanding, either sovereignty for it, or a series of adjustment programs.
(2).Area, organization of a certain operating right as security. It is best to be a large state-owned monopoly enterprise. Water, electricity, fuel, roads, forests, land use, traffic airspace.
(3).The regional debt platform adopts a debt market that is signed with sovereign countries and is issued in proportion to regional prices such as taxes plus certain collateral materials (such as gold). The regional supplies act as the final liquidated damages. The storage location of the goods and the distribution market are separated.

9. Privacy Contract Platform Plan
Introduction: The platform is operated in an electronic contract-based manner, allowing trading parties to trade in terms of service, price, form, and time in a custom form, such as personal dance performances.The platform is based on the operation of the Maiwei Information System, and is conducted in units of countries and regions (currency is based on the local currency). The platform provides corresponding personal safety protection measures in the form of science.Educational services, cleaning services,Lawyer, and pre-payment guarantee the safety of funds, and absolute ways to protect the stability of registered members.特别说明,对所有的付费用户提供保护合同,可以指定,转让.做到既不知道受雇者的身份,也不知道服务者的身份.由于付费者不一定是受雇者所以很安全.但是在以下情况下自动终止:1.有法律提供依据的任何拘捕令.搜查.时间费用到期...不在没有任何法律体系的地区开展,包括动物.

10. Alarm platform
Introduction: Set up pre-alarm time and location for dangerous events that may occur. If not, it may be Cancel, otherwise the platform will alert the user.

11. Social service platform.
Introduction: It is developed in the form of membership, combined with psychological counseling, security consultants, insurance and other member units.Staff provide help. For example, schools can publish students who are experiencing emotional instability.

12. Open ERP Platform, Industrial Internet
Introduction: Form an industrial manufacturing interconnect in an open format.

13. Temporary work business service platform
Introduction: Mainly to release temporary work, such as: temporary security.Increase the pre-setting function.Publicly available, excluded designated units, designated time, designated location security services.Sometimes protectors also need protection

14. Secure mail system
Introduction: Through the system to the other party's e-mail address, "You have a new e-mail" link, the other needs to log in the system to see all. Reduce intermediate storage for security purposes.

15. Safety message
Introduction: Used on mobile phones, can not be stored through technical methods, and can set the number of viewings. and many more.

16. Dinner-based social platform
Introduction: The restaurant is scheduled to publish. There can be different themes. People can make a reservation. Maybe they will meet the president!

17. Ultrashort delivery platform
Introduction: One looked at another carrying, margin, alarm

18. Project evaluation platform
Introduction: Crowdfunding platform, project evaluation system. Many are valuable, but they need to be understood and even examined by others, such as medicines.

19.normal Electronic contract service platform
Introduction:for example:job contracts, medical contracts.

20.SIM Management Platform (xi)
Introduction: Registration, Expense Management, Operational Transformation

21.ITEM blog
Introduction: Blog with the theme of things, publish, comment. The owner is a movie, product and so on.The main point is that ITEM, which does not require advertising to be of great concern, is a change in the details of ITEM, including data, influenced by policies, and supports open discussion(supporters, opponents, observers).

22.The home price index platform
Introduction: must be related to the immigration policy.Part of the data collected through other home sales networks.There are conditions(2year area shuiganbiwocan maybe shuiganbiwohao not inclound jl) for publication.Paid registration index may be allowed.

23.International e-Visa platform.
Introduction: visa internation information exchange.Membership, regular spot checks, random checks, margin, The degree of strictness must exceed all. Give any picture or URL or reason that matches your visa application. Give your awareness and risk awareness of your destination. Includes Drugs Violence (Firearms) Religion Humanistic History Ethnic Contradiction Natural Risk Accident Risk Illegality Risk Consumption Communication Communication Disease Destination Disgusting Life Behavioral Behavior Do you think there are organizations that are not internationally recognized? Information includes resume, family resume, medical history (infectious) genetics, physical disability, physical attention myopia hearing weakness asthma allergies pregnancy ..., updates, deposits Whether or not I fill out the reason and the reason (with the person code). All need a resume. With pre-alarm. Fees will be added to the fees. During the membership period, all countries automatically apply, feedback passed or failed, any false conditions will be charged

24.A regional digital currency issuance platform
Introduction:that assists regional distribution of currency.

25. payment platform,
Introduction:only one gesture + password is required, and a negative number is used to indicate the refund (margin).

26.Remote engineering platform
Introduction:separation of planning and construction, partial display, ABC position marking payment platform.On-site assistance


27.Abstract news platform
Introduction:A summary (link), must be bound to an ad (with a legal link), the uploader needs to provide the proportion of the payment, minimum income, time, region, etc. The platform is sorted according to the conditions

28.Opposition risk capital operation platform.
Introduction:The use of international public financing, with a large selection of funds, review group style. Provide financial support for the review of the opposition plan, by the opposition to benefit members promised to inject funds or development project priority as income.For example: NAR plan needs to include problem description, solution method, income guarantee, and possible difficulties, such as: employment, law, work, publicity, injection of funds by victims, insurance company injection.Eligibility does not require explanation. The registration is public and the content is hidden.Simple, direct, that the most money is eligible to choose to give less money, ask questions. Generate a plan.For investors: your income comes from 1: the platform receives the proceeds after the capital injection 2: the platform for the priority auction 3: give up 1, 2 to negotiate.

29.Risk Exchange Account
Collect personal capital (US dollars) to support exchange of fees in any currency. Set your own exchange rate.

by api ,fb... twitter and so on user can exhange data

30. Basic Quality Inspection Platform
Provide non-legal quality inspection reports for reference.


Add features:
(1).Certified:Using Bank Transfer Record, Signature Page (Data MD5 Coded as Feature).Involves:1,3,5,7,12,13,16,19.
(2).Item Sort:Time Dynamic Quantity.Involves:Mostly involve
to be continue

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